I’m a photographer from Sassari, Sardinia. Like all the best things, my experience in photography began by chance, in 2014. From the following year I started taking various photography courses, from basic level to portrait, with Marco Sanna of the Mastros de Lughe Association. But when I shoot I forget everything and just try to express my feelings. I consider photography as a form of emotional communication, a language that manages to convey sensations that words do not express. I combine this passion for photography with those for trekking and the exploration of forgotten places, while more recently and recently I have started to dedicate myself to portraits.



– 1st prize photo contest: La città vista dal bus


– 1st prize photo contest: CHALLENGEvento – #triathlon_sorso_sennori – Io scatto



– 5th prize photo contest: Anglona PhotoContest

Exhibitions & Publications


– Exhibition at “Vanilla Cat” in Sassari (Sardinia/Italy)


– Publication on “La Nuova Sardegna”: Photographic journey among abandoned places, the project by Alessandro Doro from Sassari


– Publication on “La Nuova Sardegna”: Selene Pistis, the beautiful woman from Oristano who studies scenography and dreams of becoming an actress (photo n ° 2, 10, 13, 17, 26)


– Publication on “La Nuova Sardegna”: Elisa Luciano, a beautiful model from Sassari, a model and ward clown for children (photo n ° 10, 11, 20, 23, 25)


– Exhibition “Immagini d’Autore” at The Room in Sassari (Sardinia/Italy)



– Publication on Traawmag Magazine: Cristina


– Publication on Traawmag Magazine: Clarissa


– Publication on “La Nuova Sardegna”: Clarissa Piras, the bartender of Santa Maria Coghinas loved by photographers (photo n °2, 12, 13, 18)



– Publication on Traawmag Magazine: Erminia


– Publication on ArtAbout Magazine: One Shot April 2020 – “Psichedelia”


– Publication on ArtAbout Magazine: One Shot June 2020 – “Erminia



– Publication on ArtAbout Magazine: One Shot January 2021 – “Snake”

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